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How to unit test a MVC HTML Helper that calls Action

17 Nov 2013   mvc   testing   nunit   moq  

An example of how to unit test a MVC HTML Helper that calls Action with NUnit and Moq

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Multi-Browser Testing an MVC Application With Selenium and NUnit

1 Jun 2013

A basic example of using Selenium and Nunit for multiple browser testing a web application

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MVC 4 and Mobile Support

18 Sep 2011

Some points about the announcement of MVC 4.

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.NET MVC SEO/Slug Only URLs for eCommerce

19 Feb 2011
mvc   seo  

As part of my ongoing journey creating an eCommerce site I had to implement into the .NET MVC 3 website a way of having slug only URLs.

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.NET Dependency Injection

3 Feb 2011   mvc  

A write up of using Ninject with ASP.NET MVC to add dependency injection.

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24 Jan 2011   mvc  

A recommendation from me regarding ASP.NET MVC

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nopCommerce MVC

15 Jan 2011

A quick look into nopCommerce v2.0

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