Startup or not to Startup?

25 Feb 2013

Every developer I know always has an idea. An idea that they believe will give them the millions, and all it needs is time. This is the problem though, they are working full time at a job and it leaves them with little time to make the idea a reality. Of course, the other reason is that they spend time thinking about the idea but not actually doing it.

A lot of commitment is needed, and anybody who has done a lot of reading of Internet startups will note that a lot of the advice is it is important to get in the main features and get it out there. Only then should the advanced features be done - this is usually because the end product is organic and won't be like what is in your head. It will start from the seed in your thoughts and grow into what consumers would like.

This bite (big bite...) sized chunk way of getting it out there is the best way of getting it done as well, everything in development should be broken down to smaller manageable chunks and doing a web application in your own time should be no different. Aim to go live with few features and break the tasks down to pieces that allows it to be done part time.

With commitment and a decent idea it won't take too long to get a web application live, which is then when it actually gets tricky. Advertising is needed to start getting people to sign up, and then paying customers require more time. Feature requests pour in, and you feel like you have to do them all (you don't, the customer isn't always right). This is the point where going from a full time employed developer to a self employmented business owner needs to happen.

Unfortunately at this time it's unlikely to be turning over much profit, and living off it would be very difficult without investment or savings. This is the killer moment that requires the most commitment. At the end of the day, it's not particularly difficult to find a software dev job to get some money in. Contracting is an option, mixing a few months of pay with a few months off.

So my point?

I'm one of these developers with an idea and a dream, I just need to get a basic plan together and get committed.

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