Biscuitcake Relaunch

27 Aug 2012

Well, today I have relaunched

I originally did the site as a learning exercise for ASP.NET MVC and liked the idea of the site. Then I left it for a year and only recently noticed I had 80 users. Oops!

I have rewritten the site from scratch using MVC 4, custom authentication, entlib, nlog plus other technologies I can't remember right now. Originally it was using built in ASP.NET authentication which had too much of a separation of the data layer and was using old data access logic.

The version live is still beta but I have plans to clean up and add some new features to get to a better stable release version before pushing it a bit. I want to get more tasks in along with timezone support and basic tracking of completed tasks.

I am flirting with Azure hosting for the full release as well.

I am using Trello for managing the tasks and it is working out very well and easy to keep track of what I am doing.

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