MVC 4 and Mobile Support

18 Sep 2011

I have been doing a lot of work on my ASP.NET MVC web platform, as well as doing work on nopCommerce v2. The more I use ASP.NET MVC then the more I love it.

Within the next few months I will be moving over some high traffic ecommerce stores onto my platform, and some of these have mobile versions. My plan has been to setup a seperate copy of the web project but with very lightweight views. This would mean they could sit on the same data layer and I have no need to do much in terms of programming.

This was until I read the release notes for ASP.NET MVC 4:

Definitely worth a read, but the point I am concentrating on here is having mobile support built in. This would make deployment and management of the websites much easier when it’s all handled in the same application. I would just need to utilise the display modes and add the views into the same project.

I’ve not had time to actually experiment with MVC 4 yet, but it’s looking promising.

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