• Biscuitcake Website

    Biscuitcake Biscuitcake is a website that aims to provide people a random simple task to do every day. This is built using MVC and I am responsible for all code, design, setup and maintenance.

  • Pitstop Motorcycles Website

    Pitstop Motorcycles Ltd Pitstop is an Orchard CMS driven site for listing bikes for sale, projects, news and services. I am responsible for the design, setup and maintenance of the website.

Development Work

Over the years I have developed many different applications, including web app's, Windows services, console app's and Windows UI app's. Below is a small selection of some of the larger applications I have developed:

  • A custom CMS system to handle millions of requests and allow near to real time changes to the content.
  • A bespoke .NET MVC based e-commerce platform which has been serving up to 300,000 page views and over a thousand orders a day.
  • A system for handling thousands of orders placed through marketplace channels such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace into a custom order management system.
  • A scheduled windows console application to scrape websites for specific data and store and report on this with daily and weekly reports.
  • A recommendation system for online games at a market leading company, handling many thousands of recommendations and built using C# in a N-Tier architecture.
  • A system to consume supplier prices and use pricing algorithms to change e-commerce website prices to stay profitable and competitive.

Along with these, I have designed many different websites taking effort in the CSS, HTML and Javascript to produce fast and efficient designs. I have also implemented development processes, upgraded many legacy applications and provided system expertise as required.

I have a keen interest in making reliable, robust and clean applications; as well as the processes a development team use to develop and manage software.

makit / Martyn Kilbryde

Professional software developer, ponderer and eccentric.




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